All bb-sets suitable for children bikes are certified as per ISO 8098 bicycles for young children.

All bb-sets suitable for city and trekking bikes are certified as per ISO 4210-8 city and trekking bikes.

All bb-sets suitable for mountain bikes are certified as per ISO 4210-8 mountain bikes.

All sensory bb-sets suitable for pedelecs and e-bikes are certified as per EN 15194.

All bb-sets suitable for bikes sold to countries in which ISO 4210 standard is not valid are certified as per THUN´s in-house standard.



All threaded cups feature a thread as per BS 1,375x24.

Our cups and sleeves are injection-moulded in Germany and are made of high-performance composite.

All cups – except the ones featured by X-CELL R and X-CELL RT 2.0 – now feature a toothing that allows for them to be retightened with a PEDRO’S® assembly wrench. This operation can be performed without disassembling any drive components (chain wheel, crank set, crank arms). That saves time and costs on the OEM’s and particularly on the dealer’s side.



Our spindles and sleeves are forged/CNC-machined in Germany and are made of German premium material.

A2B-coated spindles featured by models for city and trekking bicycles can additionally be coated with Deltacoll® (for highest protection against corrosion).



All of our bb-sets – except FATJIVE – perfectly match standard bb-housings featuring a width of 68 mm.

All of our bb-sets that feature a sleeve – except X-CELL R, X-CELL RT 3.0 and FATJIVE – are also available in a version that ensures compatibility with bb-housings featuring a width of 73 mm. Respectively, the compatible models are COUNTRY, BASIC, PASO, TOPAZ, IBEX, JIVE, ZUMBA, and TANGO. Please keep in mind that the chain line is extended by 2,5 mm when assembling one of these models in a bb-housing featuring a width of 73 mm.

FATJIVE is designed for bb-housings with a width of 100 mm only.

If you require a bb-set for bb-housings of any other width we can also offer customized solutions.