Joint path to a greener future

The traditional Ennepetal-based company Thun announces its membership in the German Sustainable Business Association (“Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.” or in short BNW). Founded in 1992 and known until recently as “UnternehmensGrün”, the association is an established platform through which companies, across industries, can exchange knowledge on the topics of sustainability and CSR. “Together with our members we set sustainable impulses and show how future-oriented business practices work”, emphasizes Executive Director Dr. Katharina Reuter. “We are very pleased to welcome Thun as another member from the bicycle industry to our association.”
The bicycle component manufacturer Thun has been focusing on the topic of sustainability in a more structured way since the beginning of 2020. “We are still at the very beginning, but we are ready to move forward with concrete steps and with the help of experienced partners such as BNW in order to live up to our social responsibility and make a contribution to sustainability in our industry and region”, says co-CEO Alexander Thun, explaining the membership. “We are even more pleased that we can now exchange ideas with like-minded companies through BNW – as some other befriended companies in the bicycle industry already do.”
Under the leadership of Thun’s CSR Manager Leury Kerpen, the company has developed its first formal CSR strategy for 2021 and beyond. The focus is on the fields of market, community, environment and workplace, within which targeted CSR measures will be implemented.
“We are currently starting to focus our business model specifically on sustainability, rather than purely on financial profits and maximizing them: It is our goal to soon be able to say that we are successful not despite the fact that we are sustainable, but because of it”, comments Leury Kerpen, CSR Manager at Thun. “We joined BNW to collaborate and form partnerships with like-minded, CSR-focused organizations. One of the keys to a greener and more sustainable future is for organizations to come together, regardless of industry. Only then can we collectively begin to have a meaningful impact”, Kerpen continues.