In August 2020 Alexander Thun was appointed Co-CEO of Thun, the traditional German manufacturer of bicycle parts. Together with his father Alfred Thun, who will continue to act as managing partner, Alexander Thun now shares the responsibility for all business units.
“I am delighted that the first of my two sons has now assumed his role as co-CEO, thus initiating the generational transition from my own to the next generation. I wish Alexander continued success in and with our company. He has already been able to gather a great deal of valuable experience with us and other companies, and he therefore brings with him everything he needs to successfully guide Thun through the challenges of the coming decades,” comments Alfred Thun.
Alexander Thun is the fourth generation to undertake the role of CEO. The company has been on the market for over 100 years, has always been family-owned and has been led by family members ever since.
Alexander on his new role as Co-CEO at Thun: “I am immensely pleased about the trust placed in me by the shareholders, my parents and my brother. I am also very grateful for the close and harmonious cooperation with our employees and external stakeholders, without whom my vision for our company could not succeed. Furthermore, I am happy to take responsibility for our company, our fantastic team and for environmental and social issues within such a great industry as the bicycle industry. This is a great gift!”