Thun has reinforced its reputation for innovation yet again, this time by launching the lightest bb-set in the industry. Called SHORTY SL, this new super-lightweight bb-set has a completely hollow spindle. As a result, it weighs in at just 198 grams. This makes it particularly suitable for use in bicycles where weight is a decisive factor, such as children’s bikes and foldable bikes.

In addition, Thun is launching a bb-set called SHORTY. It is closely related to SHORTY SL and also has an impressively extra-short and similarly lightweight spindle. The only difference is that SHORTY’s spindle is not hollow.

Thanks to the smaller Q factor, both these bb-sets support a more natural and ergonomic body posture in the saddle by keeping the cyclist’s feet closer together during pedalling. This, in combination with the high rotational quality thanks to 2RS ball bearings, guarantees a smoother, more comfortable and joint-friendly ride.

“The toothing on the right cup of these bb-sets allows retightening with a PEDRO’S® assembly wrench. This operation can be performed without disassembling any drive components (chain wheel, crank set, crank arms), which saves time and money for OEMs and especially for dealers,” comments Alexander Thun.