Sustainability plays an increasingly significant role nowadays and public awareness is at an all-time peak. For the bicycle component manufacturer Thun, this topic has always been of great importance. Now, the company is turning its intrinsic motivation into concrete action and is rolling out a new sustainability action plan. One pillar of the company’s future sustainability programme is the switch to 100% green electricity by 2020. From then onwards, Thun’s entire electricity supply will be certified by the ‘Renewable Plus’ label, which guarantees that 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable energy sources only.
As a result, Thun will save around 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which marks a first step on the road towards the final goal: a CO2-neutral production operation.
Thun recently published its new vision statement titled ‘MOVING PEOPLE SUSTAINABLY’ aimed at strengthening environmental awareness both internally and externally. The statement captures the idea of being rooted in markets that drive sustainable mobility as well as the motivation to move people to act sustainably.
“As highlighted by movements such as FridaysForFuture, businesses around the world have a huge impact on the environment and therefore have a key role to play in its protection,” comments Alexander Thun. “As a company, we realised that we haven’t done enough yet and are keener than ever before to help protect the climate and conserve resources. From now on, along with other progressive companies, we want to take a leadership role in such areas in the bicycle industry. The switch to 100% green electricity is just one example of our stronger strategic focus on sustainability that will increasingly govern the way we do business.”