21-year-old trainee Cem Inceoglu has been hired as a member of Thun’s back office and sales controlling team. He originally joined the company in August 2017 on the apprenticeship programme that he recently rounded off successfully.

In his new position he will be setting up Thun’s BI system, a business analytics service that will be used internally and externally to create reports and dashboards. Furthermore, he will develop and manage data for the controlling department and will be responsible for the operational management of the global sales activities.

Inceoglu is looking forward to contributing to the company’s further development in the years ahead, particularly as he has officially joined the team during Thun’s centenary year. He takes great inspiration from Thun’s mission: ‘We believe there is nothing we can’t improve – about the things we do and the way we do them. This is what drives us’. “I can identify with this maxim! There’s nothing we can’t improve and that’s what drives me,” Inceoglu comments.