Having passed the halfway point of 2019, which for Thun is also its centenary year, the company has strategically evaluated a number of challenges it expects to face in its next century. Amongst other things, the bicycle component manufacturer aims to develop an even stronger innovation culture within the company over the next few years. Thun is also aware of the numerous business challenges climate change will pose over the coming decades.
In that context, Thun’s R&D department has defined the following vision statement: ‘MOVING PEOPLE SUSTAINABLY’. “This mantra sums up the trends that our future products will cater to: e-mobility, sharing economy, cargo bikes, etc.,” comments Stefan Mang, Thun’s head of product management, who codeveloped his department’s vision statement.
Alexander Thun states: “Moving people sustainably means engaging them emotionally and providing them with products and services that support physical fitness and eco-friendly mobility. Redefining our future direction in this way reaffirms that the bicycle industry is the right fit for us while also embodying a fertile ground for disruptive ideas that go beyond our current business model.”
Thun’s goal is to gradually establish the new vision statement as a company tagline in order for it to reach all of Thun’s employees, customers and eventually end users.