X-CELL RT – BB Cadence and Torque Sensor for E-bikes

At Thun, we are well aware that an off-the-shelf center e-drive unit is not suitable for all electrified bikes. In this context, we have developed our X-CELL RT torque sensor. Within an open system and in conjunction with compatible e-drive components, it senses cadence, rotational direction and torque values with extreme precision.

X-CELL RT offers unbeatable advantages for manufacturers and users of eight types of e-bikes: purist e-bikes, compact/foldable e-bikes, e-MTBs, e-cargo bikes, e-share bikes, speed-pedelecs, hybrid concept vehicles and spinning bikes. X-CELL RT requires minimum integration space for the sensor and e-drive technology, supporting optimal function, ergonomics and style while allowing highly efficient motor control. Because it is almost invisible once assembled, it additionally opens up creative opportunities. Meanwhile, X-CELL RT is virtually maintenance-free, expands battery range and hence reduces the total cost of ownership. X-CELL RT is universally suitable for all square tapered cranksets (ISO 6695:2015, JIS D9403:1990) and is engineered to perfectly match Gates® belt-drive systems. It is also available for extra wide bb-housings (i.e. 73mm and 83mm) and is easily integrated into any control software.